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Pole2Pole Magazine is now offering a very reliable approval service in an attempt to help safe guard the pole fitness industry and everyone involved in it. Below you will find lists of schools and other industries that have our personal seal of approval, to find out if a school or pole dance related industry is approved by Pole2Pole Magazine you can check the list out below or look out for our approved logo on their websites or publications.


Approved Pole Schools

Studio Dancing Queen
Studio Dancing Queen Logo
073-650 09 37
Website: www.studiodq.com
Inspire Pole Fitness
Inspire Pole Fitness Logo
Based in South East Kent
Classes in Ramsgate, Canterbury, Dover and Deal
Website: www.inspirepolefitness.com
Email: instructor@inspirepolefitness.com
Tel: 07872 624 676
Facebook: www.facebook.com/inspirepolefitness
Pole Sessions Logo
Ármúli 1
108 Reykjavík
Website: www.ice-polefitness.web.is
Email: icelandic-pole@hotmail.com
Tel: +354-7744666
Pole Sessions
Pole Sessions Logo
Website: www.polesessions.co.uk
Email: info@polesessions.co.uk
Tel: 07977 804578
Pole Fitness World
Lolan Pole Dance Studio
Website: www.polefitnessworld.com
Email: sales@polefitnessworld.com
Lolan Pole Dance Studio
Lolan Pole Dance Studio
Room 508, Building 3
Soho New Town
Jianguo Road 88
Website: www.ggw8.com
Email: lolanpole@yahoo.com.cn
Tel: 008610-13910036308
LaKiTa Dance Academy
Twisted Pole Logo
4 Museum Street
Website: www.lakitadance.co.uk
Email: info@lakitadance.co.uk
Tel: 07590991120 (Lauren)
Fun & Fear Maastricht
Twisted Pole Logo
P.O. Box 2119
6201 CA Maastricht
Tel: +31 43 3253248
Mob: +31 6 44244477
Email: info@paaldansen-maastricht.nl
Website: www.paaldansen-maastricht.nl
Twisted Pole Logo
Vivien Feld
Tanzstudio Dortmund
Rittershausstr. 55
44137 Dortmund
Website: www.vi-dance.de
Twisted Pole
Twisted Pole Logo
Second Floor
8 Thurland Street
Website: www.twistedpole.com
Emai: hannah@twistedpole.com
Pole Control
Pole Control Logo
Website: www.polecontrol.co.uk
Emai: bookings@polecontrol.co.uk
Tel: 07936 592 741
Aryanna Pole Dance – Pole Dance Treviso
Aryanna Pole Dance Logo
Website: http://aryannapoledance.wordpress.com
Tel: +39 327 3592337
Sport Studio Ilse Logo
2 Lonsdale Street
Anlaby Road
Website: www.pole4fitness.com
Sport Studio Ilse
Sport Studio Ilse Logo
Pleinsedijk 2a
5271 SZ
Website: www.sportstudioilse.com
Luv 2 Pole Dance
Luv 2 Pole Dance Logo
Email: enquiries@luv2poledance.co.uk
Telephone: 07857 360962
Website: www.luv2poledance.co.uk
Chorley Pole Fitness
PowerBeck Gym
Email: info@chorleypolefitness.co.uk
Telephone: 01257 241 021
Website: www.chorleypolefitness.co.uk
Athena Fitness
Email: olivia@athenafitness.co.uk
Telephone: 01474 747339
Website: www.athenafitness.co.uk
Premier Pole Fitness
Premier Pole Fitness Logo
Website: www.premierpolefitness.com
Pole Affinity
Pole Affinity logo
Website: www.pole-affinity.com
Sharp Shooters
Sharp Shooters Logo
Break ‘n’ Spin Dance Studio and
Sharp-Shooters Pole Dancing School
Telephone: 01492 868665
Telephone: 07813 147 584
Website: www.breaknspin.com
Website: www.sharp-shooters.co.uk
Website: www.twitter.com/ZaraGroves
Israel Pole Dance & Fitness Academy
Sharp Shooters Logo
Website: www.ipoleacademy.com/PAGE6.aspm
Little Sapphires
Pot Black Snooker Bar, Bury St Edmunds.
The Roxi Bar, Colchester.
The Station Lounge, Sudbury.
Telephone: 07944 214 669
Email: csapphire.1@btinternet.com
Website: www.littlesapphires.co.uk
Pole Dancing Academy
Bournemouth, UK
Phone: 07530 856637
Website: www.bournemouthpoledancing.co.uk
Colors Night Club, Basildon, Essex, UK
Phone: 07958 650050
Email: info@pole2polemagazine.com
Princess K Fitness
Princess K Fitness Logo
64 Southwood Road
Hayling Island
PO11 9QE
Website: www.princessk.co.uk


Pole Dance Academy Nürnberg
Dance Maxx Studio
Jeannine Wilkerling
Phone: +49 172 8166588  / +49 911 8016127
Website: poledanceacademy.de
E-mail: info@poledanceacademy.de
PoleWorkX Logo
Polefitness in München
M. Mosler
Von der Pfordten 2/I
80687 Münche
Telephone: 0157/84456552
Email: info@poleworkx.de
Website: www.poleworkx.de
Pole Positions CH
Gabriella In-Albon
Phone: +41 79 688 00 25
Website: www.poledance.ch
E-Mail: gabriella.in-albon@poledance.ch
Pole Paradise Studio
10/F CS Tower
50-54 Wing Lok Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2543 0198
Website: www.poleparadisestudio.com
Indy Pole Dancers
PoleWorkX Logo
324 W. Main St. Suite 201
Greenwood, IN 46142
Contact info: owner, Joni Whiteis (317) 439-4945
Email: gowithjoni@aol.com
Website: www.indypoledancers.com
Vertical Dolls
PoleWorkX Logo
Website: www.verticaldolls.com
Email: info@verticaldolls.com


Approved Photographers


PoleXPosure – Pole dance photography team can shoot all over the UK!
PoleXPosure Logo
Telephone: 07759 469 084
Website: www.poleXposure.co.uk
Email: info@polexposure.co.uk


Approved Promoters


Planet Pole Events
Planet Pole Events Logo
The Battle of the Pole
The Battle of the Pole Logo
The European Pole Dance Championships
European Pole Dance Championship Logo
The British Isles Pole Dance Championships
The British Isles Pole Dance Championships Logo
The Pole2Pole Cup
The Pole2Pole Magazine / Pole2Pole Cup Logo
Polish Pole Dance Association
Polish Pole Dance Association Logo
Irish Pole Championships 2010
Federazione Italiana Pole Dance
The Battle of the Pole Dance Studios
The Battle of the Pole Dance Studios Logo
The Essex Pole Dancing Competition
Essex Pole Dancing Comp Logo
Miss Pole Dance Georgia
Miss Pole Dance Georgia Logo

Approved Pole Dancing Shops

Pole Fitness World
Pole Fitness World Logo
Website: www.polefitnessworld.com
Email: sales@polefitnessworld.com
Mighty Grip Inc
Mighty Grip Inc Logo
Website: www.mightygrip.com
Email: sales@mightygrip.com
Telephone: 480-443-1270
Telephone: 866-517-7810 (US-Puerto Rico-Canada)
Bad Kitty Pole Wear
Bad kitty Logo
The #1 Name in Pole Dancing Apparel!
Website: www.badkittypolewear.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/badkittyusa
Telephone: 800-494-1302
Pole Move Box
Pole Move Box Logo
Website: www.polemovebox.com/
Email: info@polemovebox.com
The Pole Dancing Shop – Provide Pole Dancing Products for Sport and Fitness
Mighty Grip Inc Logo
5150 Duke Ellington Way
Las Vegas
NV 89119
United States
Telephone: +1 (702) 425-3299
Email: orders@thepoledancingshop.com
Website: www.thepoledancingshop.com

Approved Service Providers

AIS Limos
AIS Limos Logo
Brett Golding – Web Design
AIS Limos Logo

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