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The end of 2011.

Sorry for the slow update! I have been so busy recently I haven’t had the time! My second year at University keeps me busy, and the rest of the time I’m pole’ing or cleaning up the house! Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1) Pole2pole cup final! It couldn’t believe how big the venue was when we got there! The stage was huge and the poles seemed never ending! I did a performance to Beyonce ‘I was here’ and it went really well! The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was so friendly and welcoming backstage, it made everyone feel much more comfortable and calm! I came 4th and it really gave me more confidence with performing on stage! We all even got a stunning performance by Loic Lebret, which was so inspiring and made me want to master the spinning pole! Everyone involved did a amazing job, it was a great experience and everyone seemed to have a great night. And my mum even got me some pole merchandise for Christmas hehe!

2) Pole instructor course! I finally got to London with my friend Alex and took my level 1 pole instructor course with pole people! It was held over Saturday and Sunday, and most of the day we were on the pole! My hands were all blistered by the end of Saturday, and during Sunday I had to be all plastered up! After all our training we were graded on how well we performed 6 beginner moves and how well we taught a group of 6 volunteers! It wasn’t as daunting as it sounds, and it was really good to go back to basics and strip everything down to its simplest form.

3) NPAPC: (Nottingham pole association pole competition) I went back to Nottingham, my hometown, to compete in the NPAPC! As I had taken my pole instructor course the week before, I had to enter level 4 for instructors! I knew I had no chance of winning, but I didn’t expect what happened! When it came to my performance, my hands got the worst of me and I lost my grip, causing me to miss out a trick! This had a domino effect on the rest of my routine and by the end of the song I felt completely deflated! Everyone was so supportive and cheered me to carry on but I have to admit when I came off stage I had a little cry! It really made me see that I have a lot of work to go, but it has made me even more determined to carry on working on routines and be better and stronger for my next competition. And despite my performance fail we got to see Marion Crampe and Sally Ann Giles perform, get judged by Jess Norris anddddd Adam Jay photographed the whole event, so it was all worth it!

4) I was lucky enough to attend Sally Ann Giles 6 hour master class hosted by pole2pole magazine, and it was amazing! It was a long but fun day of flexibility training, routines, combos and tricks! I had a great day, and I learnt so many invaluable tips and tricks to improve my techniques. I cant wait to put everything I have learn into action!

Its been a really busy past few months, with competitions, settling back into uni and general everyday chores but now my workload is winding down and I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine that I enjoy (which must include the gym which I haven’t been to in over a month!) and taking time to pole on my own and learn some new moves!

Take care


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The end of 2011.
Friday, 30 December 2011
Sorry for the slow update! I have been so busy recently I haven’t had the time! My second year at University...

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