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UKAPP and pole jumble sale

I've been really busy moving house so I havent had time to post! But I had an awesome pole weekend from the 29th - 31st August.

On Saturday 29th, pole dancers from all over Nottingham and members of the nottingham pole association took a roadtrip to see the UK ametuer pole perfomers competition at the manchester heat! The journey flew by and the sun was shinning for us all day! Some of the ladies dressed in burlesque, but it was too late notice for me to get a outfit ready! When we got to Manchester, after some funny looks at the service station, the venue was full with dance school dressed up, friends and families of the performers and some of the best pole dancers in the UK. Compering was Sally Ann Giles, who was such a giggle, and the judges included Australias got talent contenstants Susie Q and Toby J and Jess Norris.

The competition was split into three catergories: perfomer, intermediate, x pert and doubles, and moves allowed for each level progressed in each catergory. It was very interesting to see all the levels, as the performers had very strong themes and charecters whilst the x pert's showed off their tricks and skills. We were also treated to guest performances from the judges, and I was blown away by the grace and stage pressance of Jess Norris.

I was really pleased for all the contestants and wish them all luck for the final in September! I really enjoyed watching a competition, and it has made me even more excited and driven for the pole 2 pole cup final!

After the busy day on Saturday, Pole Palais hosted a pole jumble sale in the studio, open to everyone. We had gorgeous cupcakes with tea, spent more money than we made and filled everyone who couldnt make it to UKAPP in! It was really nice to be able to share ideas and thoughts about pole dancing from the a viewers point of view. We all pole dance, but this weekend was for us to experience more of pole without even touching a pole. It made me notice how the little things can make a big difference, including pointing toes, eye contact and most importantly smile!

I took many notes of moves I liked during the competition and will hopefully be able to master them in time for the pole 2 pole final!

This week is all about healthy eating and back to training, as I have to admit that I've been a bit naughty this week!

Love Sophie


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UKAPP and pole jumble sale
Saturday, 06 August 2011
I've been really busy moving house so I havent had time to post! But I had an awesome pole weekend from the 29th...

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