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The Reverse Hook (Reverse Star) - 1 Handed

One year on since we published the Reverse Hook in Pole2Pole Magazine. Have you mastered it yet?

Stand facing forwards (facing away from the pole), with your right hand placed up the pole. Start to walk around the pole and when ready, step on your right foot, at the same time readjusting your right hand up (if it has moved down whilst walking round the pole), and turn 180 degrees to your right, inwards towards the pole. With your left leg (which will now be the leg closest to the pole), knee hook onto the pole and pull your ankle back. Lean your body back whilst stretching your left arm back straight behind the pole and aim towards your feet. Lift your right leg up off of the floor. Put your ankles together and knees apart, pushing your hips forward. You will then go backwards around the pole, landing the move on your knees. Ensure not to drop your feet as otherwise they will touch the floor first. With the 1 handed version of the reverse hook, you must lean back as far as possible so as not to knock your body against the pole, as you will tend to gravitate to the pole. Any contact that your body has on the pole should be as low down the body (hip height) and with as little contact as possible. The more confident you become with the move, the better this part will become.

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The Reverse Hook (Reverse Star) - 1 Handed
Sunday, 15 April 2012
One year on since we published the Reverse Hook in Pole2Pole Magazine. Have you mastered it yet? Stand facing...

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